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A hot question in Australia (AU) at the moment is 'how do I find my lost superannuation (super) ?'. There is over 18 billion dollars of lost super in AU at the moment and most of us have four different funds open at one time. This is our hard earn money and we are supposed to rely on this money upon our retirement. Having multiple super funds will lead to fees dwindling down their balances and multiple insurance policies open will also eat away these savings.

All Super funds have fees. Usually, these Super fees are between two and four percent. They are usually set up with life insurance and sometimes total permanent disability insurance as well as income protection. The premiums or fees for this insurance are paid by these funds as well.

There are many reasons why we lost track of our Super and have multiple Super Funds open. When we change jobs and employment, we often keep opening up a new Super Fund each time. When we change our physical addresses, email addresses, or names through marriage, statements get lost and super funds cannot contact us. In general, we do not have Superannuation in mind as we go through our working life and take an active role and interest in our Super Funds.

Hence we ask, 'how do I find my lost superannuation ?'; 'How can we take back control of our Super?' There are a few different paths one can use if they want to find their AU super funds. You can try the tax officeís website super seeker. However, this is a quite a complicated process and usually finds only one or two funds or nothing even if there are heaps of super funds out there. They do a very basic search only for your lost super.

We at Aussie Super Finder will usually find more with our thorough search. Aussie Super finder is one of the best ways to find any lost super. We should be able to find all superannuation accounts since 1992.

We think that your time is valuable and your hard earned money should be enjoyed by you in your retirement years. Not eaten away by super fundís fees and insurance company's premiums or taken by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) when they are lost long enough, marked inactive or have already dwindled down low enough.

Unfortunately, If you are searching for a lost super before 1992, it is difficult for us to find it. Aussie Super Finder use the lost memberís to thoroughly search and find all your super funds set up in 1992 and onwards, when super became mandatory across the board in Australia. If you are looking for a super prior to that year, we have no way of finding it.

You need to know the name of the super fund, contact them directly, identify yourself and have them look it up. If you cannot remember the name of the fund, maybe someone you worked with at that time can help you with that the name of the lost super. If you have worked at multiple jobs and you are not 100% sure where all your supers from each super fund is, then give it a shot. There is no upfront charge or obligation upon using our service. Just fill in the form, hit submit and we will contact you and get the thorough search underway. Remember, it is your money.

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